6.3 The caravan continues on its way

6.3 The caravan continues on its way

The citizens' lack of understanding of the economic problems enables the political "elites" to continue their charade of convergence. But why do the politicians, who at least partially understand the situation, keep on going and wreak damage on our Europe?

Photo: The Lehman Brothers Rockefeller Centre (on the right), the headquarters of Lehman Brothers in Manhattan before the 2008 collapse.

Let us draw a parallel with the financial crisis in the USA: Lehman Brothers went bankrupt ten years ago because managers overestimated themselves. They took more risks than were good for the bank's owners. The managers asserted their own interests, control failed and the owners lost their money.

The organisation of control by the .holders over the management, which often has a self-interest, is a problem that has been intensively discussed in business administration for decades. As the Lehman case shows, a real solution has obviously not yet been found.

It is much the same in politics. When it comes to the euro, the concerns of German citizens, the owners of the "res publica", have been criminally neglected by political management since the beginning of the euro system. While the Euro was the hubris at the beginning of the whole experiment, today, for its current managers, it is about maintaining the political status quo.

But because a failure of the system would lead to a replacement of management, this management, i.e. the old parties CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and Greens around Angela Merkel, is trying to conceal this damage and gloss over it. The delay in filing for insolvency, which would be a punishable act for a company, continues without consequences in the world of politics.

In many cases it is questionable whether the political managers understand the consequences of their own policies at all. No special knowledge is needed to enter the German Bundestag. No academic qualification or professional experience is necessary. Those candidates are placed on the electoral lists, which implement and defend the party line. The Bundestag consists mainly of party soldiers. Many of them would find it impossible to earn in real life the sums they pocket in politics. The respective party has these people firmly under control.

Photo: Journalists in the public sector are paid well above average salaries and receive generous pensions.

The situation is similar with journalists in public broadcasting. Here, too, far above-average wages and generous pensions are pocketed. There is therefore great interest in implementing the political lines that are transmitted downwards from the politically appointed broadcasting councils. The sentence of the Federal President von Weizsäcker "the parties have made the state their prey", has never been truer. The factual information of the citizens, which should take place actually by independent media, does not take place sufficiently. For most journalists it is probably also too tempting to swim in the mainstream and preach morality instead of conveying complex economic contexts.

The entire EU system with its many thousands of employees, is now so closely intertwined with the euro system, that a failure of the euro would also threaten the EU. Many thousands of employees, in the ECB, in the EU institutions, in financial supervision, etc., have a personal interest in the German taxpayer footing the bill.

Photo: Maladministration will not be remedied as many of them benefit from it and are strongly committed to ensuring that nothing changes.
In Germany, it's more important to have understanding than to understand.
Johannes Gross, publicist (1932–1999)

The next EU reform is a pure elite project. It will be carried out in order to preserve the jobs of the political managers. Citizens are kindly asked to put their trust in the elites and pay for the elite projects if they do not want to lay themselves open to accusations of populism.

When Francois Mitterrand once described the euro as the "Treaty of Versailles, only without war", he was not far from the truth. If our democratic system ever fails, we can blame Helmut Kohl, his political generation and their successors. Lehman Brothers was sunk by a dangerous mixture of hubris and self-interest. The political Lehman Brothers is today headed by Angela Merkel.

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