Interview: Dark clouds on the horizon (Richard Sulík)

Interview: Dark clouds on the horizon (Richard Sulík)

Richard Sulík is a Slowak MEP and a member of the European Parliament's ECR Group.

Mr. Sulík, do you believe that there will be a European solution to the migration crisis?

I very much hope that there will be no European solution and that no European solution will be imposed on my country. The reason is that everything that has so far been presented under the name of the 'European solution' leads to more migrants or to the compulsory distribution of migrants. Both are unacceptable to many countries, especially the countries of the former Eastern bloc.

The only sensible policy on migration is to stop migration completely for the next few years. This can only be done by thorough surveillance and, if necessary, by closing borders. For example, it should not be possible for two thirds of migrants coming to Germany to have no personal documents. It will be years before Western Europe realises that massive migration is harmful.

Photo: The National Assembly of the Slovakian Republic, the Slovakian Parliament in Bratislava.

How do you assess the current situation of the euro zone?

Catastrophic. Debt has risen, interest rates are at zero, government bond purchases are at record highs and target receivables are close to record highs. But investors are not running amok. Why? The reason is simple: the ECB, the issuing bank, covers everything and everyone. Greek promissory notes? No problem. If the country goes bankrupt again, the ECB pays. Italian banks? Spanish foreign debt? Portuguese national debt? No problem, because the ECB picks up the bill. Of course that can't go on forever. One day we will have a nasty wake-up call, but when, well that's anyone's guess. Membership of the euro zone should be a privilege and not a burden. Chronic non-compliance with the rules of membership should lead to the termination of membership. Otherwise it will not be possible to end the transfer union between States, which will result in a gradual disintegration and break-up of the eurozone.

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