Interview: Hyggelig (Anders Vistisen)

Interview: Hyggelig (Anders Vistisen)

Cosiness - an expression of the Danish way of life.

Anders Primdahl Vistisen is a Danish Member of the European Parliament and a member of the ECR Group in the European Parliament.

Why are the Danes time and again named as the "Happiest People in the World"?

Denmark has a high quality of life index and satisfaction index. There are many reasons for this. Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world and we have no material problems. This also has a lot to do with trust in society and Denmark is a country with the highest degree of mutual trust. People communicate with each other and with the highest supervisory bodies surrounding the institutions. There are rich and poor people, but the vast majority live within a certain economic range. That is why there is hardly any social unrest or tension. It is crucial to work for the common good in society and to ensure that conflicts do not give rise to endless fighting. However, this focus on the general interest is threatened by migration and other factors, such as financial scandals in the banking sector. We should retain our Danish model. Otherwise, we will have the same problems as other European countries, such as Germany, where people are no longer heard by the political establishment.

What reforms are necessary in the EU from a Danish point of view?

As far as EU reforms are concerned, we should from a eurosceptic point of view hope for the best and fear the worst. I think that Brexit will be crucial in this respect. The EU must come to its senses and understand that Brexit is the consequence of establishing more and more common rules. Either we give the Member States more flexibility again or the EU follows Guy Verhofstadt's plan, namely the United States of Europe. In which case, the United Kingdom will not be the last country to leave the EU. We should hope that the rise of the eurosceptic forces in the forthcoming elections can persuade Brussels to reverse its course.

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