Europe at a crossroads - A critical look at Europe
Spring 2019

A critical look at Europe.

For 5 years I have been a Member of the European Parliament. During this time I have always tried to inform people in Germany about my work, about the background and context of European politics, about planned reforms and bills, made economic and political assessments, reported on my work in the committees. And sometimes I made angry and sometimes amused comments on German politics.

In May 2019, elections were held for the new European Parliament for which I did not contest.

Before these elections me and my team have put in a shift. The result is a 130-page booklet, which in many highly up-to-date charts, statistics and texts gives a summary of the current economic state of the EU. In addition to the well-founded knowledge that you are used to receive from me, we also present it in an entertaining style - because the brochure should not only inform but also entertain.

I would be glad if many of you would be interested in this issue. If you feel like it, you can download or digitally browse the magazine.