This brochure is the result of a great deal of hard work: research, analysis, political classification, statistics and charts have had to be created and checked, and we have also put a huge amount of work and effort into selecting the texts and images. We are a Member of Parliament's office that is involved in Parliament's day-to-day work. The preparation of such a summary therefore goes far beyond our usual activities. So if mistakes have crept in somewhere, I apologise.

I would particularly like to thank my staff for the time, the overtime, the commitment, the patience and also for the fun we have had in preparing this brochure.

My team are:

  • Arne Stanneck - Political Scientist
  • Anastasios Pavlos - Economist
  • Alexander Schomburg - IT-Expert
  • Henry Bernhard - Journalist
  • Jan-Ole Rohde - Political Economist

Thank you to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Starbatty for the guest contribution and to my colleagues in the ECR for the interviews.

I would also like to thank Hans-Olaf Henkel, who was good enough to "lend" me Volker Heinecke. Mr Heinecke who with great commitment threw himself into dealing with the layout.

And a big thank you to my constituents, whom I have had the pleasure of representing over the past few years.

Yours, Ulrike Trebesius

Reference for the used photo:

  • Cover photo: Ulrike Trebesius
    Displayed people: (f.l.t.r.) Volker Heinecke, Arne Stanneck, Anastasios Pavlos, Alexander Schomburg, Ulrike Trebesius, Henry Bernhard